Glengarry Fine Cheese

Glengarry Fine Cheese


We're proud to be able to supply Glengarry Fine Cheeses from Lancaster, Ontario. 


Celtic Blue A soft, creamy blue cheese with delicate blue veining and a limestone coloured natural rind which is developed by specific ripening cultures. The typical blue taste is mild and softened by a buttery aroma. Aged 2 - 3 months. 6oz

Lankaster A hard cheese with a slightly open texture. It has a unique profile that is given by the specific starter culture used making it typical of cheeses made on Dutch farms earlier in the century. Aged 2 - 4 months, medium, nutty flavour. 

Figaro Made in the tradition of Chaource cheese from the Champagne region of France, Figaro is a soft surface-ripened lactic cow cheese. Mild, milky and fresh with a very delicate texture and a unique rind that combines appearance of both ripening moulds and yeasts. 6oz, aged 4-6 weeks, shelf life 4 weeks.


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